Monday, July 20, 2009

i will be going to Prague in late august to find memories of my family. i know that a big part of this voyage is about opening myself to the vibration of the places my family came from. an uncle who spent part of the war in a german concentration camp and many generations of voska's who lived in Czech. i grew up listening to my grandfather's story's of his family. my great grandfather, once a priest in the old country who fell in love with a young girl, left the church and came to america. a great uncle, the famous spy whose life revolved around the creation of a free Czech. bits and pieces of lives. Old russian coins from the times of Nicholas I and stories of relatives who lived double lives, all shroud in secrecy. little snipets of lives. i carry those stories with me and wonder at their meaning in my life. there is something there that i can't shake, so i will go to these places and listen to the vibration of the land.

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