Monday, July 27, 2009

I have realized that the hotel I am in is full of those disembodied beings we call spirits or ghosts. It is the oldest hotel in Germany dating back to 1468 and a long long time ago the Romans were here "vacationing" in Wiesbaden. Nearing two thousand years ago Roman soldiers began to bath in the thermal water that bubbled up through the ground. They found these steaming pools had healing effects on them, and that was that. The town became famous for the warm, soothing and healing waters that run throughout. Wiesbaden literally means "bathing in the fields".

This hotel was built on the site of ancient Roman baths, with the same waters still percolating underground. I can take the special elevator down to the basement level and step into a corridor with many doors that lead to individual soaking tubs.

I love the thought of those Romans, a la the series "Rome", having wild parties and lustful nights four floor below me.

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