Sunday, July 19, 2009

i am being pestered to write. i sit in my hotel room in germany, listening to the rain, feeling the breeze from the open window, finally listening to those words that keep repeating inside me, "you're ready, now's the time". these words are coming from a voice inside. not the voice that says, " stop this endless search for the perfect pair of shoes because you know that your feet are only truly happy when they are naked". or the voice that says, "isn't it about time to grow up and lead a normal life". no, not that voice that we all know so well. it is a different voice, with it's own rhythm. a voice that i can actually feel in my cells. it has a color and a vibration all it's own. it is a voice that is not limited by the physical world or my psychological makeup. it is a voice that calls me to find a new way to be in the world and find new ways of listening. this blog is about the soulful aspects of life; the threads that connect us, the threads that bring us to community. that bring us to anyi.

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